Effective SEO Practice Can Boost Your Pay per Call Marketing Strategy

If you are planning on marketing on the internet, search engine optimization (SEO) is one key strategy not to be overlooked. An effective SEO practice can see you ranking for your targeted keywords and sitting in the face of your prospects that are ready to pull out their wallets and give you their cash.

However, an effective SEO practice is not solely building tons of links to your pages like many people do. It’s the small things that can lift your pay per call marketing to heights you probably never expected. Things like:

  • A clear and concise campaign which actually speaks to the emotion of your prospects. It talks to them and tells them the solution, prompting them to want to take action and place a call straight to your company. This is where you then provide them with a strategic call to action that does just that.
  • The use of long-tail keywords to connect with specific consumers. When targeting a specific audience especially those who you want to get involved or to take action, targeting generic ‘short-tailed’ keywords is a no-go. Since you are trying to have more prospective clients place a call, you have to target them with specific high-quality long-tailed keywords. Say for instance your pay per call campaign is targeting residents in Alhambra, CA seeking affordable plumbers, your long-tailed keyword can be “cheap plumbers in Alhambra, CA”.

If you get the above right and your content strategy follows Google’s recent changes to ranking which is based on intent and how valuable it is to the user (measured by time spent on site), you are certainly going to reap the fruits of your pay per call marketing. Just make sure your campaign content strategy analyzes your consumers’ queries, their pain points and discusses how your product/service can help. If you are already getting results but not sure which pay per call platform, marketplace or exchange is delivering the best result, it’s time to integrate pay per call tracking systems.